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Collaborative workers

We want to inspire students through Collaborative Working, creating a shared responsibility and accountability for Learning. Together, we build their knowledge and skills for the many challenges we face today and tomorrow’s plethora of solution opportunities. In order for DSSL to achieve this, we need a diverse, collaborative team of workers to build and manage the Hyperconnected Student Learning Environment (HSLE) and populate its LearnThat.Today programmes with rich, micro-accrediting, digital content.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Christopher J. Richardson

Christopher is a Global Information Assurance Practitioner who founded our EdTech startup to exploit the use of technology in personalized Mobile Learning Platform Services and in particular building the s`mart micro-accrediting Hyperconnected Student Learning Environment (HSLE) and its Continuous Professional and Personal Development (CPPD) capability through the LearnThat.Today application

Christopher is an internationally recognised chartered engineer and researcher, having conducted many collaborative projects involving Socio-Technical Systems (STS), communication systems, developing multiple degree programmes and exploring the use of Nano-smart Learning. As an senior University Lecturer, he has a diverse knowledge and understanding of trusted STS, Cyber Security, e-Learning, SMART Solutions, Instructional Design and coincidentally, he is also a qualified teacher (QTS).

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Digital Smart Solutions Limited

The education paradigm is transforming Learning away from real-time to your-time, from just-in-case to just-in-time, from classrooms to virtual space. With LearnThat.Today, we bring an inspiring, collaborative 21st Century Curricula, fit for purpose, via the web and mobile applications.

Digital Smart Solutions Limited (DSSL), is an innovative UK Education Technology startup, a Knowledge Intensive Company (KIS) within the HMRC Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and a AWS EdStart partner building the next generation of online learning, analytics, and student-centric solutions on the AWS Cloud. We are committed to the intelligent development and deployment of mobile learning for continuous professional & personal development into an expanding $500 billion global online education market.

The problem with today’s education and training market is it is expensive, inefficient and its productivity is plunging. We understand the frustration of students and corporate learners; we share their concerns. We are confident that with the right combination of technology, creativity, flexibility and value for money that our newly created learning communities can embrace a fresh approach to education delivery. We are focussed on the current $38B niche mobile education market, where there is a conscious (volitional) demand to exercise the expanding skill gaps and provide relevant education / high-quality talent for the new jobs that align with digital economies. With the average mobile phone user accessing their phones 150 times a day, frequent 2.5 minute Mobile Learning sessions of valued educational experiences will expand their horizons and improve their employability.

We have an ambitious 10-year plan to create a technology-assisted future that will fuse a collaborative partnership of accredited institutes, companies and world-renowned experts, who, collectively, can further enhance our personalised student-centric services while our intelligent education platform allows students to engage when they’re ready and how they want to learn!

Our vision is as “an education technology company we pioneer our novel approach to contextulised training and education by developing a valued, active learning experience; personalised through creative, collaborative, just-in-time, micro-accrediting sessions.”

The World Economic Forum predicts that 52% of the Global Workforce (some 2+ Billion people) will need to upskill their digital knowledge within the next 5 years. Already, 73% of companies report a skill shortage in their industry… and 57% of current jobs are at risk with automation.

Hyperconnected World Training & Education

The premium campus-based centralised model of present-day higher education / universities learning is no longer sustainable as debt increases and degree student satisfaction wane. We can disrupt this decline with our highly motivated global DSSL team consists of university lecturers, subject matter experts, practitioners and technologists who will collectively deliver cost-effective and engaging online accredited CPPD and HE modules in our LearnThat.Today format which crafts together a series of 15-minute VARK sessions by using a powerful, creative learning framework.

We have engineered LearnThat.Today as an online micro-accrediting framework for delivery of high-quality online digital HE /professional development content bridging DevOps and Cloud services with the intent to initially create 10 degree programmes and supportive CPPD content.  It has taken 3 years of research to resolve many aspects of our HSLE technology, but with AWS EdStart, the process is now ready for development (TRL 6 – Technology demonstrated in a relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of our key HSLE enabling technologies) and rapidly deployed (TRL 9 – Actual system to be proven as an operational HSLE). 

Micro-accreditation in Education

As education becomes more diversified, democratised, decentralised and disintermediated, we still need to maintain reputation, trust in certification, and proof of learning. The increased focus on relevance and employability may also push us in this direction, as we also need more transparency. Distributed Ledger Technologies like Blockchain could provide just such a system: a massive open, online, secure database. Our HSLE will deliver to every corner of our Hyperconnected World accredited CPPD and Degree content with Micro-accreditation (badged learning) taking place through DLT, allowing for the easy validation, transfer of skills and credentials.

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