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Digital Smart Solutions Limited

Digital Smart Solutions Limited (DSSL), is an innovative UK Education Technology startup willing to transform and disrupt the classic approach to campus-based education to bring high-quality, accredited and student centric online courses to a global audience at an affordable price. 

The problem with today's education and training market is it is expensive, inefficient and its productivity is plunging. As a team we understand the frustration of students and corporate learners; we share their concerns. We are confident that with the right combination of technology, creativity, flexibility and value for money that our learning communities will embrace our fresh new approach.

Our Hyperconnected Student Learning Environment (HSLE) platform business model will revolutionises the delivery of eLearning with a comprehensive, personalised, micro-accrediting service targeting a global audience of over many thousands of students in 5 years. 

We have an ambitious 5-year plan to create a technology-assisted future that will fuse a partnership of accredited institutes, companies and world-renowned experts with personalised education services. Our HSLE platform services will allow students to learn when they're ready and how they want to learn, not when and how we're ready to teach them! 

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Our vision is to provide "a valued and ACTIVE learning user experience, personalised through a creative, collaborative, micro-accredited environment."

The World Economic Forum predicts that 52% of the Global Workforce (some 2+ Billion people) will need to upskill their digital knowledge within the next 5 years. Already, 73% of companies report a skill shortage in their industry... and 57% of current jobs are at risk with automation.

Where will this necessary training and upskilling be conducted?

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