Hyperconnected Student Learning Environment

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The Hyperconnected Student Learning Environment (HSLE) is not just a content repository. It is a personalised learning platform designed for you. You can study for professional certificates, diplomas of higher education, or even tailor a qualification to suit your needs. 

The problem with today’s tertiary education is it is expensive, inefficient and its productivity is plunging. It is indulgent to academia but disregards the skills required for industries. We are a team of professionals who understand this market and have developed an innovative online platform solution that stimulates and motivates individuals through a personalised learning environment with skills training relevant to the real world. Our goal is simple, to make student learning fit for purpose in the 21st century, by providing a new, creative, simple and user-friendly solution for personal development.

We want to help you make it happen, overcome these difficulties and get you to that next step. We understand every learner is different and we don't expect you to conform to the same way of learning as everyone else. Our machine learning and behaviour algorithms are there to help and support you to get the skills and knowledge you really need to do the job, not just a qualification on paper. 

Technology Assisted Education


Conventional online learning offers a range of courses which can be studied in your own time and "personalised" around you. However, frequently these are simple content repositories which are put together in a clunky manner without placing the user at the heart is very much one size fits all. 

Well not here...

We utilise a range a technologies to tailor the content to your learning style. We put the users at the heart of our platform. From games tech or virtual reality to reading text, attending lectures to group activities - whatever your preferred style, we deliver learning content in a manner that genuinely suits you. 

Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, learning on the job or prior to it, whatever your age, background or circumstances the HSLE is your one stop shop to get you to the next step. We believe education is a right not a privilege, hence we reflect that in everything we do.

Our teams of academic experts and subject matter experts are there to ensure you get qualifications that are up to date and commercially focused as well as recognised for those mandatory courses. 

Micro Accreditation & Learning Passport


Are you sick of doing all these courses only to switch jobs or companies to have to do them all again? Finding the certificates a real pain? Our micro accrediting technology handles this for you. 

Bad at exams? We want you to understand not just regurgitate. Our unique assessment style tests your comprehension not just your memory. 

Cannot find those certificates? Did a corporate course but never got acknowledged for it? Every time you complete a course we mark it in your learning passport. Once you sign up we can also log your previous certificates keeping it all in a handy, easy to access place. Our irrefutable records keep track of it all so you don't have to. 

We are constantly looking for gaps in the job market and skills employers are crying out for. If you have those skills we can point you towards those looking for people just like you. 

Unsure what you need for that dream job? Not sure where to go from here? We can help with that - our career pathways are there to guide you and offer advice or to view the upcoming market trends so you can be ahead of the game.

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