Digital Learning



From bookworms to gamers, music lovers to gym goers, world travelers to stay at home parents - no two people are the same; so why should our education be?

As experts we understand that technology needs to support a learning environment and research has backed up that people have different learning styles. So if you have ever been told you are "academic" or "better with your hands" we acknowledge that's just your way of learning so why should finding courses to suit that style be so difficult?

Time is at a premium  so rather than spend it trying to conform to a certain way of learning you should be able to access the same content in a manner that suits you which is why, when we say our content is personalised, we really mean it. 

We believe education is a right not a privilege, we will stive to be affrdable and not put performance barriers in the way. If you have the ambition; we have the tools to get you there.



We understand the needs of corporate training strategies, we know you would rather spend the time, resources and budgets on the things that really excite you so let us take care of the bit we are passionate about; educating people with online user centric training. 

Training and continuous professional development is a massive opportunity, but also resource intensive, there is endless amounts of research and best practice to get your head around; and that's before you start incorporating the time spent managing employee training pathways or ensuring they are completing mandatory courses. 

Our micro sessions are designed to fit the corporate environment, and supportive of on or off the job training. 

We take the stress away by providing an affordable learning solution. We work with you to understand the true needs of your business, the skills you want employees to develop and metrics you want to see to ensure value for money with a 21st century curricula. 



 We see these institutions as partners - we value their research and support of tertiary education. However, they may benefit from our courses; we can support them by commercialising the teaching of undergraduate education programmes.  

By taking the undergraduate degree programs online we enable universities to counter the physical space restrictions on student numbers, simplify timetabling and release lecturers to research and become subject matter experts on a larger scale, making their face to face time a better return on investment.  

Our micro-accrediting environment battles the unstructured and uncontrolled use of the internet by students to find information, plagiarise or cheat the system. This enables to a highly integrated virtual environment that supports the explicit exchange of ideas in a cooperative setting which can address a wide range of industry needs. As a result, student's return on investment, their satisfaction increases, and lecturers have more time to complete their research which will in turn, improves learning content.